Why Choose Crown & Roots Farm

Our Core Values

Photo credit: BirchTree Bread Company in Worcester, MA

Photo credit: BirchTree Bread Company in Worcester, MA

We grow for optimum taste

Our crops are carefully harvested at the ideal time to produce the ideal taste and quality. Growing for taste, in turn, means growing for better soil creating a sustainable farming system.

Direct communication with your farmer

Being able to partner with local chefs and restaurants means that we are always a call, text, or email away. We make the ordering process easy and are willing to be flexible with accommodating delivery times as needed.



Help shape food culture

Food culture starts with restaurants and chefs and end up trickling down into home kitchens. Our hope is that the fresh delicious farm to table restaurants dishes can inspire customers to start purchasing directly from farms and farmers markets for their own meals at home.

We can shape culture, habit, and excitement because all of a sudden chefs are cultural icons.  Real farm-to-table cooking requires us to consider ingredients first, and recipes second. I’m chronicling the rise of the empowered chef who is able to change our conception of what a gourmet meal is.
— Dan Barber